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I'm Enrique Piracés. I work at the intersection of human rights, science and technological innovation. I work on a wide variety of topics, from fact-finding and evidence gathering to data science and digital security. I'm particularly interested in the impact of technology on human rights, as well as in the opportunities that new scientific and technological developments open for civil society. I'm an advocate for the use of Open Source and strong crypto as building blocks for human rights and journalistic work. I'm involved in several projects, like RightsLab & BraveNewTech, and I brew good beer and tinker with hardware when I can.

Areas of experience

I am a technologist and human rights practitioner with more than 10 years of experience in research, design and implementation of technology for human rights and civil society organizations. I have a good understanding of archive preservation, digital security, information management and surveillance. I also have a good amount of experience in grant writing. And I think I can still juggle and play chess as well.

  • Open Technologies
  • Digital Security
  • Human Rights Tech
  • Data Science
  • Information Management
  • Brewing and DIY

Current projects

Video Vault

A simple service that helps you preserve online videos from most providers and websites. Join the public beta here.

HSF Reporter

A Chrome extension for the submission of samples to the HSF engine. It is built as a proof of concept in the context of the defintion of a larger project named Harms Stories Framework(HSF).


The Human Rights Research Lab is a platform for the exploration, testing & proactive documentation of best practices, tech innovation, & methodological advancements in and for human rights and journalistic work.

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